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Stories of Art and Cheese

Throw in to the mix well seasoned travelled teenagers, who every year are lucky enough to get to see the world, and who had just last year been on an African Safari, and you could potentially have a difficult days tour.

Not so for the Relles family of 4 from the United States of America who had booked a City to Country tour on a sensationally beautiful February day.

They had arrived into Melbourne the day prior and acclimatised easily and were raring to go.

The plan was simple, The morning was set aside for a bit of fun time in the city for the kids and then the parents get to enjoy the afternoon at the picturesque Yarra Valley wine region, tasting the delicious cold climate Pinots.

The expectation of an unknown day, written all over the kid’s faces, was quickly replaced with yelps of delight and joyous jumping when the opportunity to leave their mark on the walls of one of Melbourne’s most iconic street art laneways was presented to them.

All carefully supervised that is.

So armed with spray cans, face masks, rubber gloves, a drop sheet, and designer stencils of the kids initials (hand crafted in the studio earlier that morning) we set off to Hosier lane, a colourful and ever evolving exhibition of graffiti, street art and stencilled masterpieces.

The kids couldn’t get stuck in quick enough and, as a crowd of intrigued Japanese tourists gather like paparazzi, the kids spray works of art that would make Banksy proud, then immediately of course, posted on Instagram, selfies proudly standing next to their latest creations.

They now truly feel part of the Melbourne art scene.

They would have stayed there all day and painted the town red (literally) if the parents hadn’t have insisted they finish.

Begrudgingly we packed up and 20 more selfies later we moved on, but the next suggestion was met with equal delight as the daughter, the older of the 2 kids, had just seen this very thing on line the night before.

The latest culinary craze, Rainbow Toasties !!!

Special cheese toasties that when the cheese melts and you separate the carefully cut halves you get a gooey, yet stretchy, rainbow of cheesey goodness.

It takes playing with your food to another level, and kids can make a game of everything, so it was on, who could make the longest stretch of cheese before it breaks…. Nobody can remember who won, but the parents definitely felt like winners as we headed to the Yarra Valley, the day now filled with stories of art and cheese.

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