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Passionate Aussie Locals

We’re here to ensure your limited time in Australia is fun, fascinating and completely unforgettable. Our hosts are all pretty unique but we share a love for our home and for connecting and sharing with visitors from around the world.

The HQ Crew



Dan is the resident history buff and a trained and passionate storyteller. His unique cultural insights will change the way you experience Australia. Leo (also pictured) is still currently in training.

Dean ‘Dingo’


Dingo knows everyone in Melbourne’s vibrant arts and cultural scenes. He’s a quick thinker and a fast talker and a day with him is an all access pass to Melbourne’s coolest cats.


Regional Manager - Byron Shire

Libby joined us in 2019 from a lifetime spent in travel or travelling. She's cool, calm and collected with an eye for detail that has made every one of our experiences that little bit extra.

Dan ‘Skip’

Regional Manager - Tasmania

Dan is a Tasmanian icon; an exceptionally warm and polished host with wonderful local knowledge. He captains the crew down south effortlessly and is a wonderful ambassador for his very special corner of the globe.


Operations Weapon - Melbourne

Mer brings a steady hand to the team from a lifetime of industry experience. This Andalusian transplant is a brilliant host and smooth operator who lives for culture and history.

Diane ‘Dizzy’

Reservations - National

Diane has worked for some of the world's leading travel companies. She's sharp, creative and loves nothing more than dreaming up incredible ways for guests to experience Australia.


Reservations - National

Our resident English heartthrob, James used to be found behind the concierge desk of some of Melbourne (and the world's) most spectacular 5-star hotels. Not any more baby! His creativity, connections and penchant for research are unparalleled.


Senior Host / Operations - Melbourne

Simon is a reformed environmental scientist hailing from the surf coast of Victoria. With some serious guiding chops and a dry sense of humour, he's always a fan favourite.


Reservations - National

Cool, calm and collected... Medylyn is no stranger to organisation and loves working on once in a lifetime adventures for lucky travellers. Her passion for travel and eye for detail come together beautifully in her reservations work.


Melbourne host / Reservations - National

Anna is thoughtful, genuine and wonderfully passionate about Melbourne - especially the city's food, wine and vibrant nightlife. A former lifestyle concierge, piano teacher, and makeup artist - she's cheeky, stylish and delightfully good company.


Reservations - National

Vina lives for music and for travel. She loves delighting guests with creative itineraries and thoughtful gestures - planning experiences she would love down to the finest detail with the tunes pumping in the background.

Your Local Hosts in Melbourne


Local Host - Melbourne

Sam is a fan favourite - warm, thoughtful and highly experienced as a host around Australia and around the world. With diverse interests and experiences, including a masters in psychology, a day out with him is always a treat.


Local Host - Melbourne

Daniel is a real character with an incredibly diverse range of interests from music to haberdashery and everything between. Whatever you're into, he's happy to dive down the rabbit hole with you.


Local Host - Melbourne

Our boy JC is a very well-travelled breath of fresh air. He's knowledgable, fun and simply delights in going above and beyond for his guests.


Local Host - Melbourne

Tess has been working as a professional guide around Melbourne for several years with the occasional, extended break to explore the world. She loves nothing more than getting out into nature and showing off the treasures of Victoria.


Local Host - Melbourne

Mally is a trained ecologist and wonderfully passionate about nature, wildlife and adventure. She loves a good chat on the open road and connecting with guests from around the world.


Local Host - Melbourne

James is Localing's resident fashion guru with deep roots in the Melbourne design scene. Rest assured, he's just as comfortable in the Aussie bush or teaching you to catch your first wave out in the swell.


Local Host - Melbourne

Once wasted in history teaching, Kieran's interests and experience were purpose-built for guiding. He's sports mad and well-armed with many a wonderful tale about Australia's past and present.


Local Host - Melbourne

This German transplant has called Australia home for more than a decade. Of all the cities in all the world, Liz chose Melbourne and makes a very compelling case for it. She's witty, enterprising and always good for an interesting chat.


Local Host - Melbourne

This passionate Aussie outdoorsmen has years of experience as a nature and wilderness guide with a special interest in local flora and fauna. Adam is equally at home in the mean streets of inner Melbourne, sharing his favourite boutiques & breweries.


Local Host - Melbourne

Aaron loves exploring off the beaten path to discover the natural beauties of Victoria. Together you are sure to soak up Melbourne's arts, culture & diversity


Local Host - Melbourne

Raph is an artist and ceramicist and one very cool cat. He knows Melbourne's inner north like the back of his hand with a network of creative mates all over town. He's the perfect person to show you the real Melbourne.


Local Host - Melbourne

Sharon is a Melbourne specialist with friends all over town and a penchant for delighting guests with thoughtful surprises. Her energy and sense of humour are infectious and her knowledge of the local arts scene is second to none.


Local Host - Melbourne

Thoughtful, charming, quirky… Patrick has a gift for making every day a blast and loves to go the extra mile for guests on tour. His knowledge and experience is impressively broad and a great asset to any visitor.


Local Host - Melbourne

Tom knows Australia better than most having travelled and worked extensively throughout the country with plenty an adventure abroad for good measure. His knowledge of history and penchant for storytelling make him one incredibly engaging guide.


Local Host - Melbourne

A Melbourne culture queen with her finger on the pulse of this vibrant capital of cool. Abbie is a city specialist with wonderful general knowledge and utterly charming.


Local Host - Melbourne

An inustrious bon vivant who loves to travel and connect with new people from around the world. Cate has spent a lifetime sharing her love of Melbourne with visitors from across the globe and is pretty bloody good at it.


Local Host - Melbourne

This F-I-N-E hunk of premium Peruvian meat is equally at home in the backstreets of Melbourne's coolest neighbourhoods as he is on the secret beaches of the Surf Coast. Nico's our resident surf coach and style icon with passable Spanish to boot.


Local Host - Melbourne

Don't let the suit fool you, Paul is actually a very cool Aussie cat. Expect plenty of charm, an encyclopdic knowledge of sporting lore and tales from his dark and chequered past in journalism and media.


Local Host - Melbourne

The other Catherine The Great... she's witty, wonderfully experienced and always a good time. A French Tutor, historian, passionate about French-Australian shared histories, French language, history and culture, and, well, lots of other things...


Local Host - Melbourne

A Surf Coast icon, part-time school teacher and full-time Aussie heartthrob but we just call him James. He knows the Ocean Road like nobody else and is pretty good company as well, which is good, because it's kind of his job.

Your Local Hosts in Tasmania


Local Host - Tasmania

This one time concierge packed up and moved down from Sydney almost a decade ago. Jun is a lot of fun, a little quirky and incredibly creative when it comes to personalisation. Oh, and he knows every good place to eat and drink in Tassie.


Local Host - Tasmania

Angus is a global explorer with more than a passing interest in history and politics. His storytelling is up there with the best but he's just as happy going off-script, listening and learning.


Local Host - Tasmania

Penny hikes, she bakes, she can parle français and teaches in her spare time... there ain't much this 5th generation Tasmanian can't do, but time spent hosting visitors in Tas is right up there for her.


Local Host - Tasmania

Our chilled Chilean with a knack for finding wild platypus, Alejandra was once described as "the best guide I've had anywhere, ever" by a Localing regular - lovely to hear, but not surprising. She's a delight!


Local Host - Tasmania

Zen was born and bred in the Tasmania bush, he even had a pet wombat! Who better to show you around the Tasmanian wildness and give you the true local experience.


Local Host - Tasmania

Hosting by day and gigging by night, Noah splits his time between these life long pursuits. He's charming, witty and a lot of fun to spend the day with. Ask him about the local arts/music scene or quiz him on local history- he'll happily fill you in.


Local Host - Tasmania

Warm, and engaging, Keeley is a wonderful ambassador for Tasmania with a keen interest in organic farming and local agriculture. She's a walking tour specialist who knows the mean streets of Hobart inside and out.

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