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Passionate Melbourne Locals

We’re here to ensure your limited time in Australia is fun, fascinating and completely unforgettable. Our hosts are all pretty unique but we share a love for our home and for connecting and sharing with visitors from around the world.

Management Team



Dan is the resident history buff and a passionate storyteller. His unique cultural insights will change the way you experience Melbourne.



Dingo knows everyone in Melbourne’s vibrant arts and cultural scenes. He’s a quick thinker and a fast talker and a day with him is an all access pass to Melbourne’s coolest cats.


Reservations Manager

Elisse joined us in 2019 from a lifetime spent in travel or travelling. She's cool, calm and collected with an eye for detail that has made every one of our experiences that little bit extra.


Operations & Corporate Manager

We like to call Chris ‘Mr. Converstaion’ - a great talker and a great listener. He loves sport and keeping fit and is a real man about town.


Travel Designer

Kristen gave up her life in the mean streets of Adelaide to add a little creative flare to the team. She loves finding unique and personal ways to delight guests on tour.


Marketing & Travel Designer

Isabella joined us as an intern back in 2018 and rejoined the fold after completing her studies in marketing and some overseas travels. She's cool and collected and loves getting creative, whether it's on bespoke itineraries or on our social media.

Professional local hosts


Local Host - Melbourne

Eliot has been delighting guests with his understated service and fascinating historical tales for years. He knows all the city’s secrets and hidden treasures of Victoria’s boundless wilderness.


Local Host - Melbourne

Bianca is a high-energy Aussie guide who is equally at home in the rainforest or the backstreets of Melbourne. Shes made hosting visitors a way of life and has been delighting international guests here for years with companies all over Australia.


Local Host - Melbourne

Martin grew up in Argentina but has called Australia home for the best part of a decade. He has been with us much of that time and his passion for Victoria, and passion generally, verges on extreme.


Local Host - Melbourne

Anna is the breath of fresh air in the room and spends as much time on stage as she does on tour. Her energetic conversation style and intimate local knowledge make her an incredible asset on any tour.


Local Host - Melbourne

Luca has spent his whole life in tourism but nothing suits him quite so well as guiding. He followed his heart to Australia from Italy more than a decade ago and we’ll never let him leave.


Local Host - Melbourne

Zach is a very good Aussie bloke in spite of his political aspirations… educated, articulate, insightful. We think he’s too good for politics so we’re doing our best to re-orientate him.


Local Host - Melbourne

Thoughtful, charming, quirky… Patrick has a gift for making every day a blast and loves to go the extra mile for guests on tour. His knowledge and experience is impressively broad and a great asset to any visitor.


Local Host - Melbourne

Sharon is a Melbourne specialist with friends all over town and a penchant for delighting guests with thoughtful surprises. Her energy and sense of humour are infectious and her knowledge of the local arts scene is second to none.


Local Host - Melbourne

Tom knows Australia better than most having travelled and worked extensively throughout the country with plenty an adventure abroad for good measure. His knowledge of history and penchant for storytelling make him one incredibly engaging guide.


Local Host - Melbourne

Cyril traded his native France for the wild, untamed beauty of Aus over a decade ago. He's a charming, knowledgable guide, professional videographer and just generally does everything with class.


Local Host - Melbourne

James is Localing's resident fashion guru with deep roots in the Melbourne design scene. Rest assured, he's just as comfortable in the Aussie bush or teaching you to catch your first wave out in the swell.


Local Host - Melbourne

Sam is a relaxed Aussie bloke you'll just be delighted to spend the day with. He's qually passionate about the arts and surfing, history and the great outdoors.


Local Host - Melbourne

Josh is a high-energy local with deep roots in the city of Melbourne and a passion for connecting with people from around the city and around the world. His Melbourne is one most locals never even get to experience.


Local Host - Melbourne

Daniel is a real character with an incredibly diverse range of interests from music to haberdashery and everything between. Whatever you're into, he's happy to dive down the rabbit hole with you.


Local Host - Melbourne

Libby is straight-up super fun. A day with her is informative and a great way to meet her local mates all over town but more than anything else, she is just a pleasure to spend time with.


Local Host - Melbourne

Tess has been working as a professional guide around Melbourne for several years with the occasional, extended break to explore the world. She loves nothing more than getting out into nature and showing off the treasures of Victoria.


Local Host - Adelaide

Murray is a man of the world - half German and half Nepalese but 100% Adelaide. He's warm and easy-going with an incredible knowledge of local wine and a knack for telling a story.


Local Host - Adelaide

Brook is just lovely. Having spent years working behind some of Melbourne’s hottest bars, it’s fair to say he knows his way around after dark. Brooks other great passion is the outdoors and his knowledge of local wildlife is exceptional.


Local Host - Tasmania

Dan is a Tasmanian icon. Like our entire team in Tas. he has been plying his trade as a guide for a decade, working for the Island's best companies with a particular focus on gourmet local produce, wilderness and adventure.


Local Host - Tasmania

Kirk is part of the furniture down in Hobart - a regular man about town whose connections run just as deep beyond the city limits from breweries to berry farms. He brings Tassie to life the way only a well-connected local can.


Local Host - Tasmania

Brenton. One of the greats! History, wildlife, geology, art, culture... you name it - he's a passionate student. A great talker and a great listener - he's a host you're going to love.

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