Tasmania Serenity

Looking for soft adventure and a quiet mind? Stay in isolated luxury at one of Tasmania’s breathtaking wilderness lodges like Pumphouse Point on Lake St. Clair, The Piermont in Swansea or Saffire in Freycinet. Choose from a host of tailored, expert-led day trips featuring bushwalking, fly-fishing and farm-gate culinary experiences.


*Can be spec’d up or paired back to suit

We’ve been craving a little time alone in the vast beauty of nature – a little less doing and a little more just being. Tasmania’s the perfect place to get active or be immersed in art but it does peace and quiet as good as anywhere, and these days, it does it in luxury. Choose from a host of unique and spectacular places to stay on the east coast near Freycinet or deep within the Tasmanian highlands by vast, silent lakes. We can help you choose the perfect option for your stay, get you there and keep you as entertained as you like with the option to choose from a host of private touring options and unique, wilderness experiences. Many lodges are fully inclusive with chef-prepared meals throughout and on-site spas for complete relaxation. Commit to as much or as little as you like with the freedom to change your mind to suit your mood – because sometimes doing nothing is underrated.

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